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Filmmaker | Director | Editor | Adventurer

Sony A7IV_2.98.1.jpg

Sony Singapore

With TheTravelintern, I directed, produced and filmed an ad for their new Alpha 7IV and Alpha 7C camera in the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand. The result was a stunning and effective video that brought Sony's message to life.


Disney x
The Elly Store

I had the pleasure of directing and interviewing The Elly Store founder for their collaboration with Disney in their latest fashion line release. Highlighting the founder's journey and the inspiration behind each unique design.


Singapore Tourism Board

Together with TheTravelIntern, I'm excited to have completed a major project for the Singapore Tourism Board – a video campaign highlighting the rich history and culture of Singapore, while showcasing the talents of local artists and talents. 



Working with thetravelintern, we produced an exceptional video that highlights the benefits of AMEX's latest credit card at some of the most delicious restaurants in town. Aligning both goals of finance and foodie travel in a single video.


Ollie Hard

For a social media campaign, we were invited to interview and film with the founder of Ollie Hard Seltzer. We captured the essence of their brand and the passion behind their mission to inspire others to get out on the waves and forge genuine connections. 


Health Promotion Board

Working alongside Singapore Health Promotion Board, I directed an inspiring video series of 7 videos, perfectly portraying the message that we hope will motivate and inspire everyone to start their fitness journey. 


Allianz x Bayern vs Liverpool

A promotional campaign commissioned by Allianz to gain awareness and traction to their partnership and involvement in the Bayern VS Liverpool match in Singapore. 


Fiftyfive Cafe

A simple photography shoot to revitalise their menu for a charming and quaint cafe. Accentuating the flavours through the bold and vibrant colours of each item

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